Rabu, 14 September 2011


Arrived at 1 PM, Saturday, September 10th, 2011. Nothing changed but the house that we live at. Seem cleaner than ever. That’s mean we are the suspect who always make that place terrified, I mean dirty and dusty.
The first day, we came to Mr. Arifin’s house and Village Head’s house. Damn, ulcer came again because stupidly I drank Sprite, and I knew if I drink it I gonna got a trouble, I still drink it. And I almost fall from motorcycle because that ulcer make me blank for a second L.
At the night, we got a little party @ Mr. Kamaruddin’s House. Many people join us, I mean same party as before we back to Makassar 3 weeks ago. About more than 20 people there, the man sat at living room, playing card, watching video and discuss about anything, while the woman made “Jalangkote” at kitchen. That was a pretty good night because all of us seems like a big family even we know five of us (KKN student) just a comer, but it doesn’t matter. And for me, yes we are family J. All of them, man, woman, child, teenagers, even the cat J. I brought some gift for the children there, and I gave them at night. I was so happy to saw their happy face.
The second day, wake up earlier, 8 am. We went to Mr. Iskandar’s house, Mr. Bakri and Mr. Yakub. Back to home at 12.00 pm, we found the woman made “Kapurung”. So we had lunch with the “Kapuirung” and the chili was so hot for sure. After lunch we went to Mr. Rida’s house, ate another traditional food, unfortunately I forgot the name. then we continued to Mrs. Nisa’s house. There, we ate “Sonre”. Sonre was a liquid brown sugar, we eat the liquid brown sugar with grated coconut, the brown sugar same with caramel and so sweet. I had to drink water twice, but pretty delicious J.
At last, we finally back at 3.30 pm. It was so hard actually to leave that place again, I mean because we just at there for one day. But all of us had a another responsibility at college, so we had to back to Makassar. Even only 27 hours, but we were so glad to saw Terasa villagers.

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